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About Corsentino Construction

We Are A Tradition of Excellence

Innovative Thinking

To stay competitive, high-end commercial and industrial builders in Southern Colorado must employ forward thinking leaders. At Corsentino Construction we seek out innovative ways to increase productivity, welcome new technology, and streamline cost benefit strategies.

Ongoing Education

You’ll find our employees active in ongoing research classes, expos, and trade show events always in search of the latest trends, materials, and innovations in building. What's new in design and engineering is what's new in the employee minds and material warehouses of Corsentino Construction.

Open-Minded Company Approach

This open-minded company approach stems from the entrepreneurial spirit of owner-operator Joe Corsentino who as a young man got his start as a framer and a custom wood worker. He later pursued an industrial arts degree with an emphasis in facility management.

Quality-Built Commercial and Recreational Facilities.

Joe’s enthusiasm in the building trades led to custom home building in the beginning of his career. Today, Joe successfully oversees commercial and industrial building in Southern Colorado and manages a portfolio of some of the area’s most quality-built commercial and recreational facilities.

“I believe that truly superior businesses are built by people of integrity, whose simple, timeless principles direct both the building process and our business relationships. These principles include impeccable honesty, attention to fine detail, clear communication among all participants and a dedication to doing things right the first time. My goal is to build projects and relationships that embody my ethics and make a lasting contribution to the quality of life in our community. Corsentino Construction are handcrafted with quality in mind. Each business is unique and built to my own rigorous standards. I work with a number of excellent designers and dedicated sub-contractors to bring that accumulated knowledge to each of my projects.”



 Most often we hear, “I see your trucks everywhere!” That brings a smile to our face because we know that we are serving the commercial and industrial building needs of the people of Pueblo County and Southern Colorado at our highest capacity.

Although we love when people talk about our construction trucks, we find our highest level of pride when people talk about the Corsentino Construction communication strategy. For us, that means trust. We measure our success on transparency, fairness, and the comfort that our customers feel knowing that they hired a reputable company.

Whether it’s new construction or renovation, we are humbled by the support of those we serve. 



General Contractor/Owner






Project Manager/Superintendent




Specialty Woodshop Products Foreman


Project Administrator/Manager

We Got the Skills

We Have it All, and a Bit More for Luck.

Needless to say that we here feel very strongly about working in partnership with other developers, ideas and technologies.

Advanced Trade Networking

Knowing who you work with is a core component of the Corsentino building process. Staff members regularly network with critical building trades’ personnel throughout Colorado to stay ahead of marketplace changes, regulations, and concerns.


One of the most demanding parts of construction and industrial building is utility management. Corsentino Construction employees monitor and maintain the highest working status with all major utility providers to provide a hassle-free communication process.

Transparency Focused

All customers receive open-book bidding ensuring they know how their dollars are being spent. No mark-ups, no hidden fees. All expenses are correctly itemized and available for the customers review throughout the entire building process.

Custom Carpentry Shop

Besides being a full-service general contractor, Corsentino Construction is one of the only commercial and industrial builders to feature a custom build studio. Two specialty craftsmen work tirelessly on designer elements that personalize every business space.

Attention to Financial Detail

Construction on-site is important, but the complimentary paperwork required for lien waivers and financial dealings to also crucial to final product delivery. Corsentino Construction offers an in-house administrative team that keeps paperwork on task.

Locally Owned

The Corsentino family and employees are rooted in Pueblo County and take pride in calling Pueblo and Southern Colorado home. That personal connection means the entire staff takes pride in what is built here. Employees serve on boards and volunteer personally and professionally.