"I am going to give a testimonial whether you like it or not.  I sell and help design steel buildings all over the country. I have multiple crews whether local or national that I can use at any given time if schedules meet.  My point is we are talking dozens of different organizations that claim like most.  We do turnkey projects, GC operations or specialized Blahzay Blah...I say that almost jokingly because its become that.  I am telling you right now that Corsentino Construction is not only hands down the best crew that I have access to but that if I could, would use them in any part of the country that I had a building going up.  It seems that most people don't get, that the hardest and most complex part of a job is not the building itself but who is going to erect it, who is going to do the foundation, WHO IS GOING TO FINISH THE BUILDING OR PROJECT.  It seems all I see is drama in work crews whether personal issues or stuff that I do not need to go into.  From the owner to management to whoever, the point is that there is major problems with other crews and companies out there it started driving me mad, that's until I met Daniel and then Joe, did I almost get to the point of just selling buildings and telling customers, you need to find a crew locally because I can't help you.  It seemed that before the project was done the owners said hey Jason nice building but I have 50 things that are wrong because of who's putting it up. ANYWAYS, I am not going to keep on rambling on and on.  All I can say is I am sure there are other Corsentino Construction's that exist in the world, but in my experience, it hasn't been easy finding anyone like them.  If you do not believe me, TRY ANOTHER CONSTRUCTION FIRM AND YOU WILL FIND OUT THE HARD WAY. 
Thank you Daniel, Joe, Darla, Diane, and all the other members of hands down, the most professional best crew I know of @ Corsentino Construction.
If you need to know more in depth of my experience with The Corsentino's call me at 757-802-4588 Jason Tucker Safeway Steel Buildings..."

Jason Tucker, Safeway Steel Building

"Corsentino Construction, Inc., has performed numerous projects for us at the Pueblo Union Depot. The quality of their work and responsiveness is outstanding. I would highly recommend Corsentino Construction for any project that requires both detail and timeliness. Mr. Joe Corsentino the owner is extremely responsible and properly monitors all activities of his employees. We would not hesitate to use their services in the future.”

Travis Russell, Pueblo Union Depot, Pueblo, CO

"The Sedillo family made a very good choice when we chose to go with Joe Corsentino of Corsentino Construction as our contractor. When we met with Joe for the first time we knew that he was the person we wanted to work with. Joe and our architect worked very well together. Joe listened to what we wanted and he kept us well informed as the work progressed.
We were comfortable with all of the experienced subcontractors Joe hired.  We were more than happy with Daniel who was the lead person on the project.  Joe and Daniel worked very well together.  We were very pleased that he bought most if not all of the building supplies from Pueblo owned businesses.  We found Joe to be very knowledgeable, hard working, energetic, and honest person.  Joe always followed up on making sure that everything was done right.  We highly recommend Corsentino Construction, Inc.” 

Don & Consuelo Sedillo & Family

Commitments were kept. Deadlines were met. Construction was competitive. We were impressed with the quality of both the materials and the workmanship…and were very satisfied with the results. It was a pleasure working with Joe and all of his people. We are very happy that we decided to contract with Corsentino Construction. It was a good experience."

Bob & Meridith Silva, Pueblo, CO

"I am so grateful to Corsentino Construction for the enclosed patio they did last winter. Joe Corsentino came to my rescue and finished and corrected the improper installations on my enclosed patio. Last summer, I hired a general contractor to enclose my covered patio but, for several reasons the general contractor didn’t finish and was no longer in this project. Then, I contacted several general contractors and after seeing what the previous contractor did and the improper installations, none of them wanted to be involved in that mess.  Out of everyone, Joe Corsentino was not only very confident but also gracious enough to finish and to re-do the improper installation for the enclosed patio.  I am also grateful to the subcontractors:  they were professional in putting attention to detail for the extension of the deck.  I recommend Corsentino Construction for their professionalism.  Thank you!” 

Norma L. Reyes, Pueblo West, CO

"Over the last 8 years since our move to Pueblo Joe Corsentino has helped us in many ways by refinishing my childhood formal dining room furniture, which had survived a couple of moves across the ocean, an inherited knickknack cabinet, carved wooden statue, and a Hawaiian Koa wood lamp. He recently helped us with a television installation and our next project may be a mantel piece. His attention to detail and honest consideration of what will and won’t work has always been greatly appreciated. We are pleased to recommend Corsentino Construction, Inc. to anyone needing expertise in construction or woodworking."

Conrad and Beverly Waggener, Pueblo, CO

"Corsentino Construction has completed jobs on several occasions for Colorado East Bank and Trust. They have always been prompt and professional and very considerate of our working environment. We appreciate doing business with them."

Patty Dalton, Colorado East Bank and Trust, Pueblo, CO

"My husband and I are glad to give the Corsentino Construction company of professionals our reference as each team member seemed dedicated to making the process of building our “dream” home as effortless, stress free and as on budget as possible. First, we were over 1,000 miles away and still living in Boise, Idaho during the home’s construction so challenges like not being physically available to see product or floor plan changes had to be resolved through speedy communication and sometimes daily emails and phone calls – to that end Darla and the office team were indispensable.  Second, Joe Corsentino has a top rate group of workers – from his interior designer Robin Cody to his construction, tile, granite, cabinet, utility, etc crews, each phase moved smoothly to meet the changes that we made during the process as well as to meet our move in deadline.  This kind of success reflects good management, supervision and years of experience that my husband and I found evident throughout the process – from start to finish.  Also, because Joe is a native of the area and has been successfully in business for many years, he knew about and educated us on the hazards in expansive soil found throughout the Pueblo area including where our land is.  He then prepared the earth before pouring our foundation and walk out basement – a vital extra step that eliminated any long term fears about issues like severe settling and wall cracks that expansive soil can create.  Last and perhaps the most important, Joe is a man of his word – we were on budget, on time and he has followed thru to address any concerns that we have had after moving in as he promised he would.  This level of integrity and honesty in today’s very competitive and sometimes unscrupulous business environment is rare and refreshing!  We both highly recommend Corsentino Construction to build the home of your dreams and invite you to call us with questions.” 

Barbara & Kevin Nelson, Pueblo, CO

"It is refreshing to work with people / a company who pays attention to the details. Corsentino Construction has been timely in their response to our requests. They have provided reasonable solutions that are sound and economical."

Rebecca Todero Goodman, Pueblo Bank & Trust

“Whoever may be considering Corsentino Construction for their construction and remodeling needs, please proceed to engage them. Joe Corsentino and his team do a great job with attention to detail and communication. Darla in their front office is great and always diligent about returning phone calls, emails, etc. Corsentino will make your project as easy for you as possible. Hire them!”

Diane McGee, Real Estate Asset Manager – Oklahoma City, OK

"Corsentino Construction was professional, courteous and prompt. We were very pleased with Joe's bid, advice and coordination. We were also pleased with Kelly's meticulous work. Thank you."

Dave Arent, Pueblo, CO

"Working with Joe and his staff felt like working with a family member. Everyone involved with the project gave it their complete and unwavering attention. I can only say one thing, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"

Dr. Michael Cozzetta, OD Pueblo, CO

“I would highly recommend the services of Corsentino Construction to anyone who is building or remodeling. We are very pleased with the work Daniel and his crew did on our home (newly bought home). They all were very courteous and professional.  They did an excellent job and were very reasonable in price. If anyone would like to give us a call, feel free to do so.”

Kristine Dodd, Pueblo, CO

"I would like to take this time to thank you all for your outstanding service and expertise displayed during our recent project at the Denver Airport Marriott. We are extremely happy with the results and would like to commend your team for a great job. The entire process was seamless from start to finish and the staff worked with us in every aspect to ensure that we were satisfied every step of the way. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone needing your services."

James Pack, Director of Rooms, Denver Airport Marriott

“We have used Corsentino Furniture for years to refinish some family heirloom antiques.  They always did a great job-so we were really excited to work with Joe & company when we decided to build our home.  Joe and all of his crew were always friendly and professional.  The work they did was fantastic.  From the very beginning-viewing models, choosing plans and making the decisions to truly make our home become "our dream come true" was a great experience.  Joe and "the boys" made building a truly fun experience.  We consider Joe, the boys and of course, Yo, part of the family.  We highly recommend Corsentino Construction for building your dream home!” 

Jim & Anne Dalton, Pueblo, CO

“Corsentino Construction was contracted to do roof repairs and other repairs caused by hail damage to my home, which included replacing awnings, windows, staining & new wood sills, repair to sun room, drywall patch and painting.  Repair of the concrete roof tile presented a challenge as the style of tile is no longer manufactured and has been replaced by a different brand.  The new brand did not match the overall pattern of the original tile and could not interlock with the existing roof tile.  Matching the color was accomplished on site by applying oxide slurry color coating agent.  The roof repairs were completed 100% to my satisfaction and the professional job accomplished deserves many kudos to Joe and his crew.” 

Carol Spearing, Pueblo, CO

“I experienced water damage due a pipe freeze.  The restoration work was completed by Corsentino Construction and I am completely satisfied with all the work they performed.  The company has an excellent crew, responsive, responsible, professional and timely.  Highly recommend this company to all of Pueblo construction.” 

Latanya Marie Rudulph, Pueblo, CO

“We are so grateful to Joe and his company for all they did when we suffered water damage to our basement.  Our work schedules did not allow us to oversee the restoration process but Joe relieved us of all responsibilities and concerns.  Joe went above and beyond to assure us that the restoration was done 100% to our satisfaction and the insurance company's requirements. Our claim was not weather related and Joe's rapport with our insurance company expedited the process.  We had an asbestos issue but Joe dealt with the issue and resolved it - 100% satisfaction to all.  The basement contents were moved to a storage pod and this was all completed by Joe's crew in a pleasant and professional manner.  They replaced the ceiling tile, drywall, paneling, carpeting, vinyl flooring, painting, and took care of having the house deodorized.  Joe took over our bad situation as if it was his and we are 100% satisfied.” 

Ron & Angela Petkosek, Pueblo, CO

“We highly recommend Joe's crew and company, as the work performed in our home was fantastic.  They were contracted to redo our hardwood floors throughout the open floor plan and this was accomplished by reinstalling the same flooring but with a much tighter fit and professional look. It involved moving furniture to a storage pod - the crew was congenial and professional at all times.  The work the crew completed in our kitchen was amazing. They completely dismantled the kitchen cabinets, refinished them and reinstalled them with new granite counter tops. The cabinet reinstallation was done so amazingly that the crew was able to use the original backsplash that was left in place.  We appreciated their efforts to save our original backsplash as it generated savings to us.  We highly recommend Corsentino Construction, Inc.  They are #1 in our book.” 

Ken & Christine Reid, Pueblo, CO

“Corsentino Construction quoted and installed a new sliding glass door in our living room in the fall of 2011.  They did a great job with quality work and completing the job in a timely manner. They took care to keep the work area clean (my home) and paid attention to detail. Corsentino Construction also completed the work as quoted.  There were no additional charges or surprise charges. I will use them again and recommend them to friends and family.” 

Allen Gross, Pueblo, CO